Blue Shirt Blog Tour-Blue Carolina

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Happy Thursday! I am over the moon with what I am sharing today! Christopher, The Tattooed Quilter, has been one of my favorite Quilters for years. I have been stalking , I mean following, him for quite some time on IG and was finally lucky enough to meet him in person at Spring Quilt Market. So why was he there? Well, he was introducing is FIRST fabric collection with Riley Blake called Blue Carolina! Me? Well, to drool over fabric of course! Silly!!


I am pretty sold on the fact this fabric line was made for my daughter! lol  Dogs are her favorite thing in the world! I am pretty sure she would own every dog in the world if we let her. Also Blue is such an amazing color on her, it really makes her blue eyes pop!! 


While visiting Christopher’s booth at Quilt Market I fell head over heels in love with a top he had modeling his new fabric. I really really really wanted to draft a top similar for the tour but totally ran out of time since I am busy getting ready for new Fall and Winter patterns. Booo! Kidding! It is exciting to be drafting for the upcoming season, but it also limits my time for the fun extras. So I found a similar Simplicity pattern that I used and made some modifications to fit my daughter. 


One such modification was I left the edge of the flounce raw. I zig zagged the raw edge which helps make for a distressed look. You could also add fray check if you want to make sure it does not continue to fray even more. 


Can you see what is on the flounce fabric? Cut, Sew, Repeat 


I typically take photos in a park or under a tree but Christopher asked us to take photos in an Urban setting. So when I first saw that photo above I was like OMG, there is a person and cars in my photo. NOOOOO! But honestly I love it now. It maybe my new favorite landscape for photos.  Funny thing is the women’s dress totally works to my favor. HA!!! 




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Off to Quilt Market-Wild and Free

Hello Beautiful!!

Well, I won’t be at Quilt Market but my clothes will be!!

Let me tell you a little story…

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my car waiting for my daughter to get out of school and while playing on my phone my Instagram popped up stating that Maureen Cracknell had started following me. I thought WOW that is exciting! But I just figured she was going through her followers and following them back, how NICE. I even took a picture and showed it to a few fellow seamstress (I totally understand if you can laugh at me now) . Well About 15 min later my Instagram popped up again stating that I had a message from Maureen. I clicked to read it and was only able to read the first sentence before I lost my breath and went into complete shock. By now my daughter was  getting into the car and was instantly concerned because her Mother just kept saying, “OMG , OMG, OMG!” I put the phone down and managed to focus long enough to get us safely home (3 min away).  As soon as the car was in park, my phone was back on.  I finished reading her message asking if I could make some clothes for her booth at Quilt Market. It took me about 30min to come down from Cloud 9 and reply back to her (she probably thought I was just too busy to reply right away, ha).  Of course I said YES!!  Thank you Maureen for making my YEAR!!! Also thank you for being SO sweet and down to earth!

I also told her that I LOVED her new collection and had already preordered her Limited Edition fabric collection from Art Gallery named- Wild and Free . Don’t you just love that name! Makes you want to run free in a field with clothes made with her beautiful fabric 🙂

Her fabric will consist of Woven, Knits and Voile Fabric and will be available for purchase in November. I had the pleasure of using her Knit Fabric: Sun Tracks and Woven Path. I also used Art Gallery Solids in Honey and Cherry (or you can use London Red)

Before I show off what I made- if you have not check out or follow Maureen’s Blog ,Maureen Cracknell Handmade, you are missing out of one of the BEST blog!!!



IMG_1570For my first dress I used LilyGiggle Zinnia Dress- It is one of my favorite patterns!

I chose Woven Path Knit , Cherry and Honey fabric



# 2…



My Second Dress is CKC Cora Dress

I chose- Woven Path and Sun Tracks , both in knit



# 3…

IMG_1624     IMG_1628

My last outfit is Voile Blouse by Cali Fay and Leggings by Violette Field Threads

I chose Art Gallery Pure Elements Honey and Knit in Sun Tracks fabric


I wish I could pack myself up with my clothes and meet Maureen at Quilt Market, but I’m very proud to be part of her booth. 🙂

Check out my friends Blog, Snickerdoodle Stew , for more pictures of Clothing made with Wild and Free Fabric.

Thank you Maureen and Art Gallery!!!

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