Happy Monday! Summer Collection 2014


My First Summer Collection for 2014 ..

.IMG_1484 IMG_1577 IMG_1773

This new Collection features Shorts, Shirts, Leggings and of course Dresses . I had the opportunity to photograph my new collection on the beautiful Sage Ranch. The girls T, A and D had so much fun and were absolutely beautiful. They were all a joy to photograph and I am so grateful they let me 🙂 . Thank you Ladies!!

IMG_1807    IMG_1785    IMG_1920IMG_1714

I hope you enjoy as much as I do! Come by Etsy and check you the rest of my items!!

Don’t forget you can get 15% off by using code “BLOG15” (Cannot be used on fabric)

-My Sweet Sunshine





Teacher Appreciation Idea

So this week is Teacher Appreciation at my children’s school and as Room Mom It is been my job to try and come up with something that lets our Teachers know how special they are. I wish I could raise their pay or give them a trip to Hawaii but the last two years I have made a Thank You Candy card. Full of yummy chocolate, because the makes everything better, right?? Hmm…

Thanks to Pinterest who helped in this endeavor! 🙂

Here are a few Supplies that you will need (don’t forget Pinterest)


I used a 22″ by 28″ White Poster Board I got at Joann Craft Store. After choosing what I wanted to say I purchased most of my Candy at Target and a local Candy shop. Lucky they had old fashion candy I could not find at Target. Also a glue gun or tape if you prefer.




So here is my Finished Card…



Thank you to all of the amazing Teachers that don’t get paid enough and deserve a trip to Hawaii!










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