Hello Ollie by Going Home to Roost

Well hello , Hello Ollie!


Bonnie of Going Home to Roost released her latest collection in August and it is just as beautiful as all her other lines. This time she had done something a little different but so perfectly Bonnie, it is ORGANIC! This is Art Gallery Fabric’s very first Organic fabric line.How awesome is that!?!!agf-organics


Here is a little about Hello Ollie:

Like the delicate trace left by a Swan’s dance on the water, this collection illustrates the image of spending an afternoon in the meadow by the lake. Named after Bonnie’s daughter, Ollie, sweetness is brought to life with dabbling swans, feathered fellows and garden blooms.

Explore the collection deeper: the collection | the lookbook | on instagram | more info



I had the pleasure of sewing two dresses for Bonnie’s Quilt Market Booth in May. I really love the  subtle colors in the Pink Leaves color way and the dramatic colors in the Herb Garland color way. It totally fits my personality.  sometimes I am very tranquil while other times I am a ball of energy.

The first was sewn with:

Sweetly Sings Glimmer, Blossom Drift Flushed and Winnow Frock Charmed

In contrast, the second dress is sewn with more dramatic colors and prints: Swanlings Bevy Nightfall, Blossom Drift Roseate  and Nestling Gathering.

-I have also sewn with Hello Ollie in other projects. My last two patterns, Pepper and Mackenzie where sewn with this collection. I feel pretty lucky to have beautiful fabric to help bring my patterns, with Violette Fields Thread, to life!

Pepper dress is sewn with:  Swanlings Bevy Nightfall and Blossom Drift Roseate



And a sleeveless version of Pepper made in Feathered Fellow Lush:



-Mackenzie and Belle are sewn with: Meadow Dreams Lace, Dabbling Swan Plum and Blossom Drift Flushed.





Ready to purchase???!!!  Check here or here!


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My Sweet Sunshine

Bonnie Christine Ribbon Tour/ Ribbon Headband


Hello and Happy Thursday!


I am so thrilled today to be joining 18 Bloggers on Bonnie Christine’s: Going Home to Roost Ribbon Blog Tour.

If you don’t know who Bonnie is (you can come out from under the rock now) here is a quick bio ::
Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer, mother hen of the Roost Tribe and author of Going Home to Roost – a blog dedicated to living an extraordinarily creative life. She is inspired by the great outdoors and is passionate about sharing what she knows and creating community around creativity.


If you are following along on the Ribbon Blog Tour then you have already seen an amazing collection of ideas on how to use Bonnie Christine’s new Jacquard Ribbon collection with Renaissance Ribbon.  I hope you had a chance yesterday to check out Whitney Deal from  Darling Dexter and please come back tomorrow for Marni Weaver from Haberdashery Fun to see how she lets her creativity flow. Today I get to share the headband I made using the Aqua Butterflies Jacquard Ribbon from Bonnie’s Collection.



As many of you can relate, I started out with an idea of what I would make for this blog tour and 5 minutes later came up with 50 other ideas. By the time I finished the headband I was up to 101 (ok, maybe not that many). What impressed me the most with this ribbon was that no matter how many pins I used in it, they never left a mark. QUALITY!! I finally decided on this headband because I wanted a change from my typical clothing projects. My daughter and I both love headbands and I often us them to add the perfect finishing touch on my projects.

IMG_5810              IMG_5814

When you are ready to purchase, check either A Stitch in Time or Renaissance Ribbon

PicMonkey Collagebonnieribbon4

I used one of my favorite patterns, the Alley Cat Pattern by Lil Luxe Collection

PicMonkey Collagebonnieribbon5

 I used the Winged Fabric collection that was designed by Bonnie with Art Gallery Fabrics

 Thank you Bonnie for letting me join in on the fun Blog Tour!!

 PicMonkey Collagebonnirribbon2

Ok, I know that was a TON of pictures!! But here is one more collage….

PicMonkey Collagebonnieribbon-Alexis/My Sweet Sunshine


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