Sewalong – Little Lizard King- Day 3


It is Day 3 of the Little Lizard King Sewalong Hope everyone is excited to be back and finish the Bodice. So grab your beverage and snack of choice and here we go…

Finish joining the main bodice fabric and liner:

13)Grab your Main fabric and Lining and place them on top of each other (Right Sides Together), Pin well and sew around neckline and BOTH arm holes with 1/2″ SA. **Do not Pin and Sew the back bodice .

IMG_1055 IMG_1065

14)Trim down excess fabric- I like to use Pinking Shears


Back Bodice:

15) You will need 1/8″ elastic cut into a 3″ piece. A little trick is tie the elastic in a knot at the end to help hold it in place (Thanks Amy)


16) Decide what side you want the elastic and Place the Elastic 1″ from the top of the back edge. Pin and close the bodice and sew down both sides.


17) Flip that baby out, Iron well and enjoy the view!!!!!


18) Grab your 2 sash pieces and fold in half right sides together and Iron. Cut a diagonal line off one end of each sash piece. Sew along long edge with 1/2″ SA and trim excess fabric.

IMG_1092  IMG_1098


19) Turn right side out and top stitch (great time for edger foot)


20)Open your bodice like this:


21)Take both sash pieces and match raw edges with raw edges of front bodice side seams and sew

***You need to make sure your sash is at least 1/2″ from the bottom edge. Otherwise it will get stuck in the skirt when you try to attach it. Silly me I did not and got to the end and had to pick out my serged thread and Cinch (ruffle) up the sash. I would blame it on the wine but I was not drinking any!! To double check measure 1/2″ from the bottom edge and end your sash there. (Don’t let the serged edges confuse you, that part will come later)

IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1161




22) Now we need to attach the front bodice and back bodice at the side seams. Flip open the layers like this:


23) Now match Right Sides together along side seams. You will match main fabric with main fabric and lining with lining.  It will look like this:

IMG_1127  IMG_1128

24) Pin and Sew with 1/2″ SA


25) Iron Seams open or trim down bulk. The seam is enclosed so there is no need to serge plus that can add bulk

26) Top stitch- neckline, armhole and down the back seams (another great time for the edging foot)



27)Serge (or zig zag stitch if you do not have a serger) the bottom raw edge

IMG_1168 IMG_1165

All right ladies you are DONE with the top (we will put a button on at the end)!!!! Wow!! Looks great, right ??!!

See you Tomorrow for Day 4!!! Eek we are getting so close . We will work on the skirt next.


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