Sewalong – Little Lizard King- Day 2

Welcome back for Day 2 of the Little Lizard King Sewalong – Peggy Sue Dress/Tunic

Plan for Day 2: Cutting and Starting your Bodice

*So if you are ready with your Beverage and snack of choice, lets get STARTED!!!


Grab your pattern and cut that baby out!:  Front Bodice (liner and main), Back bodice (2 main and 2 liner), bib, ruffle for the bib, sash and rectangles for skirt (don’t cut them into circles yet-that is left for day 4)



1) Grab your center sash piece and fold the top over 1/4″


2)Place Wrong side of Sash on top of Right side of Front Bodice- Top Stitch

IMG_0993  IMG_1001

My Favorite Foot to use is the #10 edging foot. I have a Berninia Sewing machine (Love it!) So if you don’t have one go check out if your machine has a similar foot. I don’t know how I sew without it!


3)Grab your Ruffle piece take it to the Ironing Board fold in half lengthwise and iron it.

IMG_1002  IMG_1005

4) Ruffling the Ruffle Piece:

There are several ways you can ruffle: Ruffle Foot, 2 rows of basting stitch, Serger or Zig Zag/thread method. I have used every method and for me personally I like the ruffle foot.  For small areas of ruffling I like to use the basting stitch method. I will me using my ruffle foot on this Sewalong. You can adjust the depth of the ruffle and how many ruffles on your fabric piece. You could do a test piece but I don’t typically do that.  I usually just cut the piece longer then asked to assure I have enough fabric.


5) Take your ruffled fabric and place on top of the right side of bib matching raw edges. Pin in place and sew using 1/2″ Seam Allowance (SA).

IMG_1020 IMG_1023

Option: Ric Rack material

6)Flip ruffle out and iron



7) Next let take the bib and center it directly on top of the front bodice, Wrong side of Bib to Right side of bodice


8)Pin and Top stitch the bib to the bodice (great time to use your edging foot)


9) take a minute, grab your drink or cupcake and look at your beautiful top coming together. 🙂 🙂 🙂

**Options: This would be the time you can add embroidery, buttons, trim, etc to the front. Just don’t forget the 1/2″ SA at the neckline (mine does NOT show that- shame on me!)


Ok, moving on… Put the wine down Ladies!

10) Grab the front bodice and both back bodice pieces. With right sides together match the shoulder at sew using 1/2″ SA.

IMG_1048   IMG_1050

11) Repeat with Front and Back lining

12)Iron the seams open


That is it for Day 2! Please Share and use #PSSAL


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