Mood Sewing Network Collaboration- 2nd Month

Mood Sewing Network Collaboration

I have had these looks in my head since my 1st month so now it’s time to share my looks with you all and I could not be more excited!!

Let’s first dive in…


  1. Ivory, Meteorite and Metallic Silver Pencil Striped Stretch Delave Linen and Rayon Woven

2. Mood Exclusive Linear Transcendence Natural Linen and Rayon Woven

Dress Inspiration:

I spotted the Vali dress by Pattern Fantastique a month or so ago and it really spoke to my need for an everyday dress but with a flare of style. It’s loose without being too baggy, stylish yet everyday, retro yet modern.

I choose to make the lower neckline with inseam pockets. The fabric has a raw, earthy feel and is made from a rayon linen. It paired perfectly with the style of the Vali dress. The fabric is a medium weight with some structure and no stretch.

Fabric colors: Navy, mustard, rust with a creamy natural background.

I made the size 8 and I found it true to size and I would not make any changes other than I may shorten it an 1″- 1 1/2″ for my next dress. Not because I thought it was too long but just to have a bit shorter dress. So a personal decision!

2nd Mood Fabric Make…

Blouse Inspiration:

For the next Mood make, I choose to The Anthea blouse pattern. I almost made another Vali dress with the black and white stripe fabric but then the Anthea blouse came out and I knew I needed to make that! It’s a gathered sleeve, button down, collarless blouse pattern that also includes a dress length version. The fabric is a rayon linen with structure with the prettiest silver thread running through the black stripe. As soon as I got it, I knew I needed more to make more garments!!

Fit: I made a size 2 and found it true to size. It does have a generous ease but would not size down. I did have to adjust the sleeve width due to the weight and structure of the fabric. I took in 4″ of sleeve width. After sewing in the sleeve for the first time, with the original sleeve width, I found it to be overwhelming poofy. So, I seam ripped it out and then adjust the sleeve pattern by cutting and slimming it by 4″.

Do you see the bunny behind me?

I paired the blouse with Persephone shorts!

I want to also go over a couple more great advantages about joining the Mood Sewing Network and being an MOOD INSIDER…

Last month we chatted about one of my favorite advantages of being a Mood Insider, the free shipping, this month let’s chat about 3 more advantage…

  • Dollar swatches
  • Early access to new arrival
  • Exclusive access to remnants

I have several swatched now and it’s been super helpful in deciding which fabric to work with each month. They arrive quickly and then I am back on the website finalizing my decision.

Ok, call me silly but I also love being the first to know about the new and latest fabric. As an Insider getting to see the new arrivals first is a happy plus!!

Just about every other day I search through the exclusive remnants page looking for all the treasures. There are some great fabrics and amazing prices!


First of all, thank you for reading! So as an appreciation here’s my Mood Discount Code:

10% using code: MSNAW221

  • Coupon fine print:  Offer valid online only and expires per customer with use. 10% off your order, discount applied at checkout. Not be combined with any other offers, coupon codes, etc. Excludes items beginning with PV, SUN, and AWG.

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Mood Sewing Network Collaboration

Mood Fabric Collaboration

I am so excited, I think I may burst from excitement, to share with you that I will be part of the Mood Sewing Network for the next few months. Mood Fabrics has always been a huge inspiration in my sewing journey. From their beauty and unique fabrics to their educational information on their blog and Instagram page.

Before I get into it, make sure to read to the end because I may have a coupon code linked. Wink, wink!

For my first month, with Mood Sewing Network, I choose a super popular trend that I have seen in every RTW store and all over Pinterest.  It is of course The Blazer! It’s not just made for Fall or Winter anymore, it can easily be worked in at Spring and even Summer, depending on the fabric chosen.



  1. Wide Ostrava Oatmeal Linen Woven
  2. Black Hemp and Organic Cotton Canvas


I choose Friday Pattern Co new pattern, The Heather Blazer to pair with the Oatmeal Linen and True Bias Lander shorts to pair with the Black Hemp Canvas.

I have made the True Bias Lander shorts/pants many times and they are a tried and true favorite. They were the first real pants I made in my sewing journey and now 2 years later they are still on the top of my list to make. The pattern is great for an intermediate and above sewist. The Hemp Canvas was a breeze to sew with and I love that the fabric is a natural fiber making it a sustainable material. The fabric has a stiff drape that nicely keeps the shape of the shorts. I recommend using a Jean needle

The Heather Blazer is a new pattern from Friday Pattern Co and I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out! The tutorial was easy to follow and there is also a sew-a-long video for extra help. I mainly watched the sew-a-long video since I am a visual person. This pattern is also perfect for an intermediate and above sewist. It paired perfectly with the Ostrava Oatmeal Linen. The Linen is a medium weight fabric with great structure for this jacket. Great fabric for Spring to Summer linen projects. I wore the jacket to my kid’s soccer games during a breezy 75-80 degree day and felt perfectly comfortable.


Let’s first chat about the Heather Blazer and the fitting and my mods. The fit is oversized in both length and width.  Knowing this I decided to size down as well as decreasing the length by 1”.  I decreased the length on every piece other than the sleeve pattern pieces. What I did forget to do was decrease the length of the pockets. It worked out ok this time but next time I think I will shorten them as well. I was very happy with the fit and I am already planning to make more!

Next up were the Lander shorts. They are designed to be fitted at the waist to semi fitted to a relaxed fit at the hips and legs. Honestly fitting pants/shorts is personal to each person. Our bodies, especially our lower half typically fall all over the size chart. We aren’t just one size and that’s what makes us so beautiful!! For my Lander’s I start with a size 6 at the waist and hips. Usually with pants I grade down a size or two at the hips but with these shorts I wanted to keep them flared away from my legs. After my first fit check I did go back and bring in the waist about ¼” on each side along the waist, prior to sewing on my waistband.  I am very pleased with the final fit, so I plan to make a few more for Summer!


This is my favorite outfit in my closet right now! I have had this look in my head for a while and Mood had the exact fabric to bring my dream to life! As a part of my collaboration with Mood, I was gifted a 3-month access to the Mood Insider Program. Be sure to check out the page for all the details but I want to highlight one of my favorite perks and that is FREE SHIPPING. I hate paying for shipping so I always look for ways to not pay for shipping, especially if it’s from a place I often purchase from. Of course there are more perks then just free shipping (but that is a GREAT one) and I will be sharing more next month! You can join HERE!


First of all, thank you for reading! So as an appreciation here’s my Mood Discount Code:

10% using code: MSNAW221

  • Coupon fine print:  Offer valid online only and expires per customer with use. 10% off your order, discount applied at checkout. Not be combined with any other offers, coupon codes, etc. Excludes items beginning with PV, SUN, and AWG.

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