Little Lizard King Sewalong- Day 5- Last Day

Hello and Welcome to Day 5. The LAST DAY!

So we finished the Top and Skirt and now we are going to bring them together  (love bird-it is Valentines after all).

So grab your favorite beverage and snack and lets go and finish up

Attaching Bodice to Skirt:

34)Mark the skirt into quarters with pins as shown below-This will help for the next few steps


35)Take your bodice and flip upside down and match raw edge (or the edge you serged) of bodice and raw edge of the skirt making sure you have right side to right side. **Bodice will be on the outside of the skirt***


36) Start Pinning by Matching Side seam of Bodice with one side seam of skirt. Continue Pinning all the way around the skirt. My bodice side seam matched the other side seam of the skirt. Your bodice back will overlap- Make sure the back bodice side that has the ELASTIC LOOP is ON TOP after it is flipped up. The back bodice side with the elastic will be closest to the skirt

IMG_1221  IMG_1223 IMG_1227 IMG_1224

37)Start sewing at side seam and sew all the way around.


38)Flip it up, love it and now flip it back and serge or pinking shears

39)Now you can flip it up , Iron and Top Stitch-    eeek!!!!! Almost time for the Happy Dance!


40)Last Step decide where you want the button- sew it and DONE! **I like to use  Wonder Tape to hold button.


Please please please share what you made with use on LLK Cafe Facebook Page. Congratulations!!!



Thank you Little Lizard King for allowing me to host your Peggy Sue Sewalong! Also Thank you to RJR Fabrics , your fabric was a dream to sew with and I look forward to many more projects with your fabric!!
Don’t forget #PSSAL on Facebook.

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