Fall Edition Part 1

Hello Beautiful,


Thank you A, T and D for a job well done at the Photo Shoot!!

Are you ready for Fall?? Ok, some of you may not be.  Especially if you lived back east and had to live with that crazy winter.  After all it did get into the 60’s here in So Cal for a while, ‘wink’.  But since Fall is really all about the clothes, I’m really excited to finally be able to start sharing my Fall Clothing Collection of Leggings, Skirts, Pinafores, Pants (Coming soon) and of course Dresses!  I have short and long sleeve styles and most items will be offered in sizes 2T-8Yr.

Drumroll please……Let me introduce you to Part 1 of my release…

I chose Art Gallery’s Arizona Fabric Collection (I am secretly hoping they take this collection off the limited edition line and keep it forever)

IMG_4338 IMG_4331  IMG_4341

Click HERE for this dress

IMG_4484  IMG_4455  IMG_4454

Click HERE for this dress

IMG_4502   IMG_4493   IMG_4527

Click HERE for the Pinafore

Click HERE for the Leggings

The new Knit by Art Gallery is incredibly soft with great stretch and recover.  The colors are vibrant and work so well together.  What more could I ask for?  Everything they touch is just perfection.

IMG_4562   IMG_4567   IMG_4573

Click HERE for the Dress

Click HERE for Skirt

Click HERE for Top

Such Beautiful Young Ladies!!!

IMG_4592   IMG_4618

Denim Chambray Top– Fabric by Robert Kaufman -House of Denim

These are all amazing pieces I’m really in love with, and its only the start.

Are you excited yet??!!! I will give you more thing to be excited about here is 15% off your order . Use code “BLOG15”





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